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With over 25 year’s experience working in media, PAB Studios are delighted to offer a new service that compliments our existing range of media services.

We now offer bespoke audio branding & musical composition.

PAB can tailor a piece to specifically match your branding requirements for usage on TV, radio, online or On-Hold production.

We can provide something for everyone from brilliant basics to bespoke packages that give you that unique sound putting you ahead of the competition.

Click below for more info on our packages:

Our Brilliant Basics
Our Bespoke Package

Brilliant Basics

Quick turnaround, Full-length track, 20-second, 30-second, 40-second composition mixed & mastered 320 Wav. (Instrumental)

A musical composition created from scratch or restored from our original production library. A face-to-face Brief take required for creative direction, Pricing subject to usage (radio, TV, online).


Working towards your deadline - vocals, genres, re-arrangements and remixes from publishing. Inclusion of sonic logos, live instruments, etc. Complete buy-out, Full length track mixed & mastered 320 Wav.

Including 40-second, 30-second, 20-second, 15-second, 10-second cuts with option of male or female singers with lyrics & access to instrument track variations for different style ads.

A tailored musical composition, created from scratch, in high levels of detail. A face-to-face Brief take required for creative direction. Total Cost reflective of production elements.

On-Hold, TV and Online

On-Hold, Radio, TV & Online

Our audio is created to the highest standard, ready for your media channels. Shape your image with a musical identity & sonic logo to develop consistent and professional results to use in your marketing campaigns.

Musical Identities

This is our most prestigious audio solution. Let us take your business to another level with a beautifully crafted musical composition, in stunning quality. You will have versatility to use your music piece in any way that suits your media channels. Give your brand identity!

Audio Editing
Mixing & Mastering

Audio Editing

We provide a service for any audio that requires a make over. From tidying up any of the unwanted excess to processing the audio with effects & mastering tools to make it ready for commercial listening.

Mixing & Mastering

Sometimes the levels are all wrong when you get the master back from the vocalist or voice over. Send us the dry vocal and the instrumental track. We will get your advert sounding crisp and clear, making sure it’s radio ready.

Mixing and Mastering
SFX Design & Editing

SFX Design & Editing

PAB’s professional studio is equipped with all the latest music production tools. With the ability to work with industry standard equipment, the sound you desire can be produced to the highest standard, offering amazing SFX design with fine details for existing or seasonal campaigns.

Sonic Logos

Consistency lies in memorability of a unique sonic logo that ties all your campaigns together. Choosing from the services we provide, you will be interested to know our bespoke packages come complete with sonic logos included in the overall composition.

Sonic Logos

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