Pancake Day in the office

It’s Pancake Day and today was the big ‘pancake tossing’ competition. We were raising money for Martin House Children’s Hospice so for each pancake toss there was an entry price of £2. 2 names were pulled out of a hat and the person who cooked and flipped the pancake in the quickest time won a bottle of wine.


IMG_2163 (2)


There were some shocking pancakes (mine included, which was still raw!!) but Dawn has to have made the best pancake! I don’t think many people had actually managed to make one that actually resembled a pancake!

So the winners were;

Nick Murray – 2m 3 seconds

Sophie Bardon- 3m 30 seconds

Steve – 1m 30 seconds

Dawn – 1m 13 seconds

Rachel – 46 seconds

Tom – 46 seconds

David – 1 minute

Darren – 1m 5 seconds

Mick – 55 seconds

Christine – 48 seconds

Nick S – 1 minute


IMG_2163 (2) (2)


It’s nice to know that our silly behaviour is doing something huge and can change people’s lives! We did have a laugh and were able to take the mick out of ourselves (and each other). We hope you all have had an amazing pancake day and are feeling very full now!!