5 things to gain from an apprenticeship

My apprenticeship has made me grow as a person and has given me valuable life lessons that I wouldn’t have received if I was still at college. The skills I have gained will be with me through any company that I work with and will help me with everyday situations.

Below is a list of the top 5 things I feel I have gained so far from my apprenticeship

  • Confidence in myself and what I do
  • Knowing how to take constructive criticism
  • Understanding of how businesses work (work flow)
  • Increase in maturity
  • Learning digital marketing and how it influences real world situations

Having these skills and having experience working with a company is what is going to set you apart from other people when applying for jobs. Employers look for experience so having at least a years’ worth will instantly put you ahead of others.

If you are an apprentice or are thinking of becoming one or an employer who either has apprentices or is considering taking one, it would be interesting to get your views. Connect with us on the PAB social accounts and tell us your views.