Is your business anti-social?

If so then you need to change that straight away! Social media is something that any business, no matter how big or small, needs be involved with.

2.67 billion people* are expected to be on social media in 2018! So no matter what your buyer personas are there will always be someone on a platform. With so many different platforms, such as- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram you will always be able to generate a large amount of online exposure for your company.

Being on social media keeps you in competition with fellow companies and allows you to keep up to date with rivalry businesses. You don’t have to be doing a social media campaign but just having a presence will help you out massively. Promoting a post on social media platforms allows reaching targeted and different people than normal; it is usually cheaper than other paid media as well.

70%** of B2C companies generate leads through Facebook! Facebook is the largest and most used social media platform. A massive amount of people are influenced by things that they see on social media.

Facebook PAB

Reviews that are left by people usually changes a person’s opinion, so make sure that if you have a negative review you have replied to them publicly, this means that people will know that there is compassion behind the company name.

PAB Facebook example


Social media allows you to get feedback on what your customers think about you as a company or the products and services you offer.  Not all the time will these be positive things but being on these platforms allows you to get in contact with them to turn their negative experience into a positive, in turn this will also come out as a positive for you as a business. These are all free to sign up to and only take a couple of minutes to sign up to, meaning that you don’t have anything to lose.

This is something that you need to be on board with. Marketing is changing a lot and you need to make sure that you are on board with the new types of media. This does not meant that you need to stop doing every other type of marketing, everything needs to be in moderation but doing the same things becomes boring for you and your customers. Social media has been proven to work, so what are you waiting for?

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** Sourced- Content Factory