In the digital age -Are advertisers targeting too tightly and paying too much attention to hype that print has no future?”

PAB’s Director – Camille Johnson recently wrote this article which answers many questions that are currently surrounding the use of print. She expresses her opinions in the article below.


There are many digital gurus who are spreading the message that print is dead. This isn’t the case.  88% of magazine readers in the UK still prefer to consume articles via print. Digital is a great new media but if we target too tightly we will not send key messages to the masses and will miss consumer opportunities.

Most digital adverts are too small to make an impact and can be considered clumsy; they can also interfere with consumers natural browsing and are often considered distracting or annoying.

Some of the internet’s big players – fashion sites such as, and, online kids’ game Moshi Monsters and yes, even Google itself – are now publishing print magazines, using traditional media to refresh the parts of their business model that other solutions can’t reach.




Digital advertising doesn’t connect in the same way as local or regional newspaper connects – We know from customer surveys that people reading newspapers feel an attachment to local business, readers generally have more disposable income and happy to buy within 6 miles of their postcode. A recent survey to one of PAB’s National clients proved 33% of customers read local newspapers, of those 83% saw one of our adverts and remembered 2-3 key messages.

The level of engagement is significantly less using online platforms and new brands may not appear as credible as they do in print.

The key to any successful advertising campaign is to use traditional and online methods as they do different things and achieve different results.