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Change your attitude mate!

Change your attitude mate!

Understanding your client and their objectives is key to delivering a successful sales and training tool that engages with its audience and actively brings about positive change.

Stoneacre approached Director Camille Johnson at PAB Studios (their long term Creative Agency), who was convinced that in order to get their sales team to engage, the video had to be easy to relate to and emotionally charged. “There is little point littering a video with pearls of sales wisdom if the staff are not paying attention! The video aims to awaken sales staff to the dangers of letting external life negatively impact on sales/customer experience. Having attitude at work is great – but only if it’s the right attitude!”. Powerful, reassuring backing tracks have been carefully integrated by White Noise, the production company that has built a solid relationship with the Wakefield based Creative Agency.

The advert serves as a discussion point for sales staff to objectively discuss both good and bad service and the consequences of for the sales team and customer alike.