Welcome to the real world…

Hello to anyone reading my first ever ‘official’ BLOG. I’m sure by now, even though its less than 20 words deep, you blog lovers can tell I’m fairly new to this…the extent of my writing skills have been limited to the confines of what universities deem to be an acceptable essay; marked by their guidelines that restrict flexibility and freedom to develop your own style. Maybe this is one of the many reasons as to why I have indulged in my new working environment; the ability to freely express and learn without ‘losing marks’. Anyway, back on track. I guess I should start with my name, it’s easy, its simple, you can’t forget it, Thomas Brookhouse.

I’m currently enrolled at Durham University, studying Business Management. Unfortunately, the university experience is fast approaching an end for me as I embark on my 3rd and final year of study. Therefore, during the winter months of 2016 I decided, as most of my peers did, to begin preparing for life in the ‘real world’ by apply for internships, in the hope that such an experience would equip me with an insight into my career path of choice. After many difficult application processes and numerous rejections, I found acceptance from Camille and Mick, the directors of a self-made and self-built company, PAB Studios.

Now here I am, piecing together this BLOG to describe and depict my experiences throughout my 8 weeks of employment. The intention of this BLOG is to give insight into PAB’s personality and what you can expect from an internship in the marketing industry. You might also get to know me along the way as well…which wouldn’t be bad at all. I hope to upload consistently, with any luck once a week. Considering writing isn’t my forte I’d say that’s optimistic, but I’m a glass half full kind of guy, so I’m going to stick with it.

Working  Man

PAB Studios, standing for Publicity Advertising Brand, has such a distinctive feel to it. I find it puzzling to perceive how a company can offer such a ‘homely’ atmosphere, yet be so professional and successful at what it does? I believe this company has got it right! The 10 core values that are bannered across the walls of the offices are engraved into the employee’s actions and services they provide to their clients. If I were to suddenly become an entrepreneur, the business model developed here is one I’d stop and take note of. Don’t worry though Camille and Mick the entrepreneurial lifestyle doesn’t appeal to me so there’s no need to be concern.

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My first day as the digital marketing intern was much like what I imagined. Nervy, Sweaty and Clammy… I had envisioned that for much of the summer I would be doing the ‘grunt’ work, those tasks that required minimal brain power but were a must to enable this well-oiled machine to run as efficiently as possible. However, Shaun, the Head of Digital, greeted me with a schedule detailing my time here at PAB Studios. He explained to me how I would leave with multiple certifications including Google Analytics and AdWords. I was so excited to explore the world of digital marketing, until I learnt there would be exams…I HATE EXAMS…like most students.

My first few days were intensive; Information overloaded would be an understatement, but within less than 72 hours I was proud to announce that I became certified in Google Analytics. I was ready to tackle whatever the analytics world had to throw at me…then I realised my knowledge was far from that of a true analytics expert which I claimed to be, self-proclaimed of course. My poor note taking skills left me drowning in numbers…luckily Connagh, the team’s digital ad trafficker, alongside Shaun, aided my struggle and ran me through what I’d like to call ‘THE REAL BASICS OF GOOGLE ANALYTICS’.

At the end of my first blog I only felt it appropriate to thank the whole team at PAB Studios for making me feel part of the team and showing me the ropes of the marketing industry. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend my summer, with regards to work colleagues and the responsibility that the team here have given me…but that’s for the next one…feedback is welcome, unless its negative…

Until next time.