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Today I was given the pleasure to attend Stoneacre Motor Group’s latest TV commercial. PAB Studios teamed up with White Noise for the production of ‘Blue Cross Event’.

Location Stoneacre Doncaster – Barnby Road

Call Time – 08:30am

PAB Studios, Amongst a crew of highly spec’d up tech guys, seemed to be in control of everything except the sun this morning! Experience prevailed as one of the lighting experts, from White Noise tracked the sun. We all waited patiently. Once the sun had cleared we were ready to resume again. A few moments after Matt Woodruff, White Noise Director, received the thumbs up. His words vocalised magically: ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ (which was more on the lines of something I expected to hear), however instead it was much more technical – perhaps hollywood films are to blame for my misguided understanding! It scanned something like:

‘camera standing by, set, background, camera speed & Action!!’

This resonated effortlessly between a crew that obviously had experience and chemistry working together.

The saying ‘leave it to the professionals’ is something that PAB Studios respect and practice day in, day out, so delegating tasks at our HQ is always a smooth operation. Although it sounds like I am paid to say that, it was clear to see how much confidence and accountability Camille Johnson, PAB’s Company Director, had in ‘White Noise’. I always find it quite funny how she gives you full creative license to do your job, but at the same time she’s already researched, collected the data and done her homework so she knows exactly what is expected! As an employee this keeps you on your toes, yet giving you reassuring leadership. Again, this sounds like she has paid me to write this. The brownie points are a bonus!

This was my first experience on set with ‘White Noise’, I was keen to learn and expand my knowledge of the film world. The first thing I learnt was…

If one day I woke up and spontaneously wanted to become ‘Quentin Tarantino’ I would either:

  1. Need to win the lottery
  2. Wait for the crew to call break. Help themselves to the tasty snacks. Then use that time to swiftly carry the kit into my car. (Even then I would need an accomplice), preferably someone who has the man power to lift what looked more than I can in the gym.
  3. Gain a wealth of experience, start small and build my reputation. (This, my most realistic option and by the looks of it, White Noise chose option C. too)

All jokes aside, the kit was pretty impressive. A reliable source indicates a price tag of around £80k. White Noise clearly no child’s play, the setup nothing short of flagship. From a professional point of view they set a very high standard. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

The lovely actress Nichola Dixon delivered a stellar performance, although technically it was more than ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’. In the brief few hours I was present I was under no illusion the job was easy. The laid-back aura projected from Matt Woodruff really was quite charismatic, he seemed to be in no rush what so ever, perfection or OCD? Questionable, however he had me and everyone else fixated.

Matt [White Noise Director] “I don’t like that bright yellow crane in the distance”

Agonisingly murmured as he gazed into the monitor.

Josh Boswell [White Noise Producer] “ We can’t exactly go and tell him to stop doing his job, so we can do ours can we?”

Youthfully Sarcastic in response.

The banter was witty and comical with underlining truth. I couldn’t help but wonder if Josh had  suggested getting one of the crew to remove the crane, Matt’s response would have been “Quickly! Now! While the sun is out and ruining my shot!!!”

After capturing some ‘Behind The Scenes Footage’ I decided I best be on my way. Feeling slightly relieved, I knew my concentration levels might have grown weary if I had to stay any longer. They all must have been holding out for something? I Think that they might have misread PAB’s humour. Surely they didn’t believe that they could get a Fiat 500 for 0% finance at NOTHING a month!! Camille’s words not Stoneacre’s. Although me included believed it! We all agreed it was the only way Stoneacre’s deal could get any better.

Motoring for life. Partnership for life.

We only work with the best…


by Louis Bailey, Audio Visual Producer