Optimise your website for your customers not the search engines

SEO – Search engine optimisation, recently there have been a few conversations with clients around this very subject.
How do we get a website to rank highly on the search engine results pages (SERPs), and that, dear reader, is a very good question.

There are many posts out there in how many different factors effect the ways that these search engines decide how to position any given website for any given search query. These posts vary in what they recommend, from technical things on a web page such as meta data, keyword density H1, H2 tags, schema formatting and many other things.
SEO factors
But to the average business owner who is not a developer all of this is a foreign language, and it is also not helped by the fact that the search engines change the rules constantly, updating the way they rank pages to ensure they give their customers – the searchers – the best possible experience.

To me that last sentence is the crux of the matter. The Search Engines job, regardless whether it is Google, Bing or any of the others; their job is to answer the question that the person searching as quickly as possible.

So you can concentrate on all of the technical elements, making sure the page is formatted and structured in a way that makes it simple for the search engines to read and understand, but you will never stay ahead of the curve if this all you focus on.

What you need to do is ensure the people who visit your website find useful information that answers the questions that they came there to find. This means people will come to your site more often, spend longer on there and look at more pages. These signals will be sent to the search engines when they are deciding where to rank you and they naturally start to increase your position in the SERPs.

In a nutshell stop focussing on making your website search engine friendly; as long as it is structured correctly the search engines will understand it; and start making it customer friendly. Understand the questions your customers have when they come to your website and give them the answers they are looking for. Make your content easy to find and engaging.

If you would like help and guidance how to create an effective content strategy for your business lets have a chat over coffee and see what value we can add.