‘The Holiday’

PAB Studios presents Stoneacre Motor Group’s TV Commercial Summer Hit

CarIf you follow the day to day activity of PAB Studios you’ll know we manage a multi-million pound portfolio which consists of national press, magazine, radio, print and online advertising. Our UK wide client base gives us the opportunity to get our teeth into some fantastic challenges and our latest brief was no exception.

Shaun Foweather, Managing Director at Stoneacre Motor Group, wanted a Summer TV commercial to surpass the previously successful June campaign. To produce the commercial we collaborated with Lancashire based, TV production company, Whitenoise.  Their expertise and wealth of experience gave Camille Johnson, PAB Studios Director the confidence to give not one but two commercials to them, leading up to Christmas 2013.

We needed to make significant improvements from our last campaign; one of them being combining all age demographics in one commercial as opposed to three. We also needed to choose a strong finance offer that would be appealing to every customer no matter what age they are and one that looks affordable and competitive against other dealer groups”. Camille, PAB Director explained.

car 2PAB Studios Creative Directors, Cheryl Brown and Tom Leigh along with PAB Director, Camille Johnson devised the script and worked tirelessly to develop it with Whitenoise’s Matt Woodruff, Commercial Director. Matt’s attention to detail on set to capture the essence of what was required led to some fantastic true to life, comic moments. We planned a full days casting and auditioned many actors to play each part of the Stoneacre family. We felt the actors that were chosen worked brilliantly on screen but even had a visible off screen chemistry.

There were 36 people involved in the Summer and Christmas shoots, which spanned 3 days. The script included 8 characters and a dog; comprising of 6 adults, 2 children and a border terrier called May, who over time, we discovered wasn’t the best behaved or fittest dog we’d ever worked with!

The adverts main purpose is to present the very strong offering of 5 years 0% finance on every car, massive savings and a lifetime guarantee. These points will appeal to every demographic no matter what vehicle model or manufacturer you’re looking for.

car 3

The finished commercial has everything you’d expect from a TV commercial and more, superb photography, realistic locations all put together with a catchy lifestyle driven soundtrack. This advert is a memorable one for the summer months.

Every job which PAB Studios receives is carried out and delivered to the highest standard and this commercial was no different.

Stoneacre’s long history of offering affordable vehicles to all generations prompted the strap line ‘Motoring for Life’ this is executed throughout the “The Holiday” as each family member drives a different vehicle to suit their age and lifestyle.  Whether you are looking for your first car to impress your girlfriend or mates from Uni or more space to cater for that growing family or even a two seater to enjoy in your retirement, PAB Studios had to consider all factors before arranging the days of the shoot.

Make sure you don’t miss the advert… starts on ITV & Tyne Tees from Wednesday 21st August and runs for three weeks. To see our adverts please visit or to find out more about PAB Studios please go to and

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