Video Coordination testimonial

stoneacreCustomers appreciating your efforts is rewarding – organising a video campaign has relevance to many medium sized businesses – Mark enthuses “I approached Camille at PAB Studios with an idea to create a Brand Manager welcoming video. The idea was to introduce our customers to each Brand Manager and provide an insight into our dealerships.Camille enthusiastically created and coordinated a first class script and organised the distribution of those scripts to each Brand Manager within Stoneacre. Camille scheduled and coordinated 32 dealer location shoots on time, with no involvement from me and it was delivered within the agreed budget.The scripts were professional, customer friendly and the video was visually engaging. PAB expertly enhanced my idea to deliver a first class video introduction.I highly recommend PAB Studios to anyone that wants to incorporate videos as part of their marketing strategy.” Mark Zavagno, General Digital Sales Manager, Stoneacre Motor Group