A week in the life of PAB’s Digital Marketing Apprentice- My first week.

Hi I’m Hannah Banks the new apprentice at PAB Studios, and for the next year I will be doing a blog every week. (We will see how long that commitment lasts for!) I’ve joined the team as a Digital Marketing Apprentice meaning I’m working mainly with Shaun Sables (Digital Advertising Manager).


If I am being honest I had never heard of PAB Studios until I applied for the role and I do not for a moment regret doing so. Even though I have only been working with them for a week it has been an amazing week and I just want to thank everyone there for being so welcoming and kind to me. PAB Studios is an advertising and marketing agency based in Wakefield. They have been in this business for 25 years and rank in Yorkshire Post’s “Top 10 Advertising Agencies”. My first day was so nerve racking but as soon as I was in reception I was greeted by the cheery Nick (Account Manager) and was seated next to Shaun. I was shown around by Sarah Lo (Office Manager) who introduced me to everyone. I believe that remembering everyone’s name is going to be one of the most difficult things I’m going to have to do but I will try my best. I am positive that I am able to name everyone downstairs however upstairs is where I have the problem as I haven’t ventured up there, yet. The upstairs part of the office is where the more creative things happen such as Graphic Design and Web Developing whereas downstairs is more related to Account Managers and Directors. From brief introductions though the whole team are so lovely and incredibly passionate about their role within the PAB Studios team. I am so grateful to be working around people who truly love their jobs and I am hoping their passion will be passed on to me. So far I have not met one person who hasn’t been smiling and that makes such a great atmosphere for someone who hasn’t had a job before.

Thursday was definitely an interesting day as we were invaded by Zombies and a very freaky clown for a video that Louis (Commercial Music Producer) was making and it turned out to be very spooky and creepy. (If you haven’t watched it already have a look here).


Most of the week I have been watching training videos (such as google analytics) and have been getting to grips with what I am doing but it has been an enjoyable week and I am looking forward to what next week has in store for me.

Before I leave this here I would just like to say a massive thank you to Sarah Lo (Office Manager), Sarah Johnson (Account executive), Matt (Account Manager), Shaun ( Digital Advertising Manager), Camille Johnson and Mick Lee Co. Directors who have mainly been looking after me this week. I have had such a warm welcome from everyone and I could not ask for better people to work with. This is where the blog comes to an end and I do not have a clue how to sign off so I guess I’ll just say that I will talk to you next time.